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Dear friends, welcome our new Spider Solitaire Card game which you can download for FREE on any type of Android or iOS device. With Free Spider Solitaire you can have limitless fun at any occasion anytime. Want to have few minutes break or chilly afternoon, simply grab your mobile and start playing. Spider Solitaire is not just fun, this is one of the most difficult versions of Solitaire card games, which requires from you logic and no doubt luck. Since it depends on the cards draw how complex will be your task to solve the puzzle. However you can choose the difficulty level to play, starting from one suit Spider Solitaire and up to four different suits in the game. Spider Solitaire is the most sophisticated patience game, and if you play it well you certainly will win respect among experienced solitaire players.

The goal of Spider Solitaire is to build cards runs using all of the cards in the game. The game is played with two card decks and there are 104 cards in total. At the start of the game cards are laying in the table in 8 piles with only top cards faces up. First 4 piles have 6 cards in each, while other 6 include 5 cards in each. The rest of the card deck, e.g. 50 remaining cards, lays in the stock pile in the right bottom corner of the game screen. So you should build card stacks of the same suit in the descending order starting from King to Ace. When you have complete card run, it will disappear from the tableau and the game is won if you manage to build 8 such card runs. You move the cards between the piles by putting lower rank cards on top of the higher ones. When you are out of moves you flip the stock pile and it draws you 10 new cards, which will be placed on top of each tableau pile. Notice that there shouldn't be empty card stacks places in the tableau in order to get the cards from the stock. Good to know that multiple cards of the same suit you can move on top of higher rank cards all at once, you cannot do the same for mixed up cards run however. And only same suit card stacks will disappear from the screen.

Our Free Spider Solitaire is not only smart game, it is also very social. Here you can invite your friends from social networks and play along. You also can meet players of all levels from around the globe and there is already friendly community of more than 20 million players enjoying our FREE Spider Solitaire. With socializing in mind we have created 6 exciting game mode in Spider Solitaire, where you can play both Offline and Online. In offline mode you can challenge intelligent computer and improve your gaming skills. In Online mode you can try out different game modes, including "1 on 1" game mode, "Vegas Solitaire", weekly League tournaments, promo games etc.

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